Friday, August 24, 2007

Puff Puff

Recipe from Yankee Naija

Recipe for puffpuff:

2 teaspoon full of Sugar depending on personality. I love sugar.
3 cups of Flour1 Yeast( sachet pack)
1 cup of Water
Vegetable oil

1)First of all , premix your sugar , flour and add your yeast

2)Leave to rise for about 2 hours

3)By this time, flour would look fluffy .That is a sign puffpuff is ready for frying.

4)Let your oil heat up in the frying pan, add your puffpuff using your hand/spoon to scoop the puffpuff. Make sure you have a bowl of water. The puffpuff sticks in your hand as you scoop it out. But by deeping ur hand in water or spoon. It immediately becomes less sticky. By now puffpuff is looking brown. Make sure you fry with low heat. "I know you thinking what am thinking by now. Grab a chill soda, tune on ur radio or tv and sit down to enjoy ur"

Thanks Yankee Naija Chick!